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July 2018

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VIII Hobby Store WFB Tounamen Belgrade 05.-06.-11.2011.

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VIII Hobby Store WFB Tounamen Belgrade 05.-06.-11.2011.

Post  mrzimsvee on Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:30 pm


Hobby Store is proud to invite you to the VIII Warhammer Tournament.

Hobby Store Warhammer Tournament will gather all the top Warhammer players, hobbyists and other fans of one of the most popular tabletop war-game from Serbia, and we expect guests from other countries - Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The participation fee for the tournament is 5 euros.

Will take place on the 5th and 6th of November in Belgrade, Serbia. The event will be held in the hall of Delta City Shopping Center at Novi Beograd.


Saturday 5th. November

Gathering of participants 10h
Registration 10 - 11h
Game No 1 11 - 13:30h
Lunch 13:30h-14:30h
Game No 2 14:30h - 17:00h
Game No 3 17:00h – 19:00h

Sunday 6th. November

Gathering of participants 10h
Game No 4 10:30h – 13h
Lunch and best army vote 13h - 14h
Game No 5 14h – 16:30h
Game No 6 16:30h – 19h
Awards ceremony 19:30h

We did not provide lunch and refreshing drinks for tournament
participants, but inside Shopping Mall there is a lot of quick food
restaurants (McDonald's, Hungry Jack, KFC, etc...) and a supermarket.

Those coming to the tournament from abroad must organize their own sleeping accommodations. We suggest one of the hostels or hotels situated near the venue of the tournament, in downtown Belgrade. For help and further information, please contact the Tourist Organization of Belgrade:
Tel: ++381-11 3248-404, 3248-310
Fax: 3248-770


You can register for the VIII HOBBYSTORE WARHAMMER TOURNAMENT by sending an email with the subject "WARHAMMER TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION" to the following email address:
All registrations must be sent till 29th October.There is a limit of 50 players!
Please include your full name as well the Warhammer army you'll be bringing to the tournament.


Organization and PR: Srđan Mojsić
Chief referee: Dusan Jovic

Tournament will consist of 6 Warhammer battles (game rounds) played according to the rules of the 8th Edition Warhammer. You will play six scenarios:


SCENARIO 1: Battleline
See rules for this scenario on page 144 of warhmmer rulebook.

SCENARIO 2: Dawn Attack
See rules for this scenario on page 145 of warhammer rulebook

SCENARIO 3: Meeting Engagement
See rules for this scenario on page 149 of warhammer rulebook

SCENARIO 4: Dawn Attack
See rules for this scenario on page 145 of warhammer rulebook

SCENARIO 5: Blood and Glory
See rules for this scenario on page 148 of warhammer rulebook

SCENARIO 6: Battleline
See rules for this scenario on page 144 of warhammer rulebook


The Tournament consists of six games or rounds, each lasting 2 and half hours, including the warm-up and roster check. In the first round, players will be matched randomly against an opposing player. In each subsequent
round, players will be facing appropriate opponents according to their
ranking. Should a player draw the same opponent again, a Referee will
step in to sort things so that the players face suitable opponents.
You will be assigned a table for your game. Anyone that does not have
an opponent should raise their hand and call for a Referee, who will
attempt to find an opponent for them.
If this is not possible and the opponent does not arrive within 30
minutes of the start time for the game, and then they will be considered to
be late for their game, and may face suitable action from the Referees
as a result.
Each battle will be fought on a 6” by 4” table with fixed scenery( all scenery will be
predesignated except the forests and rivers witch will be normal) ; if you
are unhappy with the scenery layout, alert a Referee who will ensure
the layout is fair; however the Referee may insist you use the table “as
Once you’ve finished your game, you must fill in the results card and
then hand it in at the information desk. Your results will then be
entered into the tournament database. This will decide the new rankings
and ultimately the winner of the Tournament.
In each round onwards players will be facing appropriate opponents
according to their ranking.

All models must be painted to the GW tournament standards - a minimum of three colors!

Every participant will receive a result card. BEFORE EVERY BATTLE you will need to note down your opponents name, as well as the score for his army painting and character on the result card. AFTER EVERY BATTLE you need to note down the result and the Tournament Points (TP) you have garnered, as well as Victory Point (VP) difference. At the end of the tournament you must name most sporting opponent and write it down on your result card.


Only the main lists from the following Warhammer Armies books
may be used. In the instance of a new army book being released or
updated, it will only be valid for use providing it has been on sale
for one full calendar month prior to the event.

Item Product Code

Warhammer Armies: Beastmen 60030216001
Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia 60030203001
Warhammer Armies: Daemons of Chaos 60030215001
Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves 60030212003
Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs 60030205003
Warhammer Armies: Empire 60030202002
Warhammer Armies: High Elves 60030210003
Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen 60030208002
Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms 60030213002
Warhammer Armies: Orcs & Goblins 60030209004
Warhammer Armies: Skaven 60030206003
Warhammer Armies: Tomb Kings 60030217001
Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts 60030207004
Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves 60030204002
Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos 60030201005


No more than 2500 points may be spent on the army.
• Armies must follow all the restrictions on army selection from their
own army book.
• Special characters from the appropriate army books may be used
providing they feature in the list of permitted Warhammer army book printed above.


Any gaming materials you require to play, specifically:
• At least two legible copies of your Army Roster
• Appropriate English Language Rulebooks and Supplemental texts
• Official FAQ from GW web page for your army (
• Pen and paper
• Dice and templates
• Tape measure
• Superglue


After each game you must record the following information on the
results card provided:
• Result of the game (Win, Lose, Draw or Concede),
• The number of Victory Points both you and your opponent
Players will be ranked in order of Tournament Points. If there is a
tie, then players that have scored the same number of Tournament
Points will be separated by their total Cumulative Victory Point
Tournament Points are awarded as follows:
From Battles TP (0 to 18 TP)

Degree of Victory Score
Win 3
Draw 1
Loss 0
Concede 0
Victory Points are used as they appear on page 143 of the warhammer rulebook
Please Note: The Victory Points are separate from the Generalship
score. They will be used as a decider in the event of two players
having the same Generalship score.

Sportsmanship TP (-3 to 0 TP)

This is copied from the Official Games Workshop Warhammer GT Rules pack. We believe nothing more needs to be said on the subject.

We’ve included this category to encourage players to take part in
the tournament in the right spirit. Obviously, we deplore rude or
unsporting behavior and we hope that the points that can be
earned in this category will discourage players from even thinking
acting in a way that will disrupt the enjoyment of the game.
After each game you must secretly rate how you felt the game
Played, recording the result on your Results Card and handing in
your card yourself.

• Tick the Great Game box - this indicates that you felt the
game matched many of the games you have enjoyed in the
past. You both played in the right spirit and this ensured
that you got just the sort of game you came to the Grand
Tournament to experience.

• Tick the Poor Game box - this indicates that the game was
a disappointment. The game was no fun at all primarily because
excessive quibbling or aggressive interpretation of the rules
disrupted it. This was a game you wish you hadn’t played.

The scoring for Gaming Grade will work like this:

As we expect everyone to play in the right spirit, at the beginning
of the tournament you will receive 3 Gaming Grade points. If you
receive great game scores all weekend, then you will keep these
points, which will be added to your final tournament score.

However, if you receive any poor game scores, they may negatively
affect your points as shown below:

No. of ‘Poor Game’ Ticks Points Penalty

1 poor game -0pts
2-3 poor games -1pts
4 poor games -2pts
5 poor games -3pts
6-poor games- disqualification

if any Results Card has no Gaming Grade box ticked, the game will
be counted as a Great Game.

Important note: This Tournament is all about playing great games,
having fun and playing in the right spirit. If the Referees suspect
that a player is deliberately recording poor results without any
justification the player may be booked for a RED CARD offence.
Please take this system seriously when scoring gaming grades.

Army Painting TP (0 - 5 TP)

+1 Roster

The player has a full and clearly legible army roster with
their force, including player name and entry number.


“What you see is what you get”, all the models in the army
correspond exactly to those included in the roster, including
any extra equipment that has been bought for them.

+1 Painted

the forces are painted. All of the models have at least three
colors painted onto them.

+1 Based

All of the bases of the miniatures are painted and textured
in some manner. The baseline for texture is flock as a
minimum. Black edges are acceptable, providing the tops
are textured and painted.

+1 Unit Banners and markings

All of the models have had unit details, banners and
associated Iconography added to them. Each unit is clearly
distinguishable from the others by the use of these
markings. In armies or units that do not use formal iconography,
the unit is distinguishable by some
other clear marking, such as tattoos, skin striping or
uniformly painted trappings.


We expect every player to conduct himself in a friendly and sports like manner. If there are any rules disputes, the smartest thing to do is to check in rulebooks (BRB, Army Books).

The referees will use the GW official FAQ when situations that are not covered by GW rulebooks surface. We advise you to get a copy for yourself from the following Web address:

Of course, the ultimate and often the best solution are to roll a d6. You need to call a referee only when you and your opponent are unable to reach an agreement. But, be warned: the referee will do only one of the following two things: he will point out the rule or he will instruct you to roll a dice.

Anyone who keeps on spoiling a game with picky rules questions or who consistently bends the rules in their favor will be shown a YELLOW CARD. If the participant continues with such behavior, he will be shown a RED CARD by a referee. Each RED CARD will mean a 30 TP penalty for that participant.


The award ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the
conclusion of the final game. We urge all players to stay for the
awards ceremony so that they can cheer the winners and
commiserate with the losers!

There will be several awards handed out at the end of the
tournament. These include:
• ‘Best General’ - A Gold trophy for the player that wins the
• ‘Second Place Award’ – A Silver trophy for the player who
comes second
• ‘Third Place Award’ – A Bronze trophy for the player who
comes third
In addition, other awards may be made at the discretion of the
tournament organizers. These are non-qualifying awards, but have
been included in order to add some fun to the weekend’s gaming.
These are:
• ‘The Champion of Sigmar Award’ - This is a title bestowed by
the Referees on the player who has demonstrated sportsmanship
above and beyond the generally high expectations of all
• ‘The Leonardo of Miragliano Award’ – This is a title for the
player that received the most votes for having the Best Painted

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Re: VIII Hobby Store WFB Tounamen Belgrade 05.-06.-11.2011.

Post  Maxa on Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:59 pm

Eto... jedini datum kada ne mogu doci... neverovatno Mad
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Jahac zmaja sa preponama

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Re: VIII Hobby Store WFB Tounamen Belgrade 05.-06.-11.2011.

Post  Maxa on Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:20 pm

Eto i meni nekad da se posreci, pomeren mi je datum prvenstva pa ipak mogu da idem Twisted Evil
Elem, ajde da vidimo ko sve ide i da organizujemo neko igranje da se malo uvezbamo...
Jahac zmaja sa preponama
Jahac zmaja sa preponama

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Re: VIII Hobby Store WFB Tounamen Belgrade 05.-06.-11.2011.

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