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    40k turnir u Austriji

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    40k turnir u Austriji

    Post  st1v xtr1m on Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:21 am

    Pozdrav, u ime Jana Petersa iz Austrije (suigrač sa brojnih Agram Summer Arena), stavljam poziv na njihov 40k turnir u Austriji, blizu Slovenije - navodno na pola sata od Ljubljane.

    Samo prenosim poziv, tako da sva pitanja pucajte njemu na mail.

    Jan wrote:Hi,

    since I was unable to post with my "Cannonfodder" account- I created a new one. Here is the invitation to the Austrian 40k torunament I wrote about. Sadly we lost our sponsor and we have to request a registration fee. Only the fee is mandatory - the rest can be booked seperatly. If you have any question it would be good if you send me an e-Mail (jan dot peters @ gmx dot at

    Please forward this to interested participants in serbia, slovenia since I do not have e-Mail adresses of all of the nice guys I met the last years at the Summer Arena.)

    Hostel per night (8 person per room) € 22,96
    Breakfast € 2,54
    Lunch € 6,40
    Dinner / Barbecue € 6,40

    Rules in Englisch:

    Warhammer 40.000 KTNMS [2011] carinthian 40k championships
    Part of the events at Lakeside Clash 2011

    A Warhammer 40.000 tournament by the rules of 5th edition hosted by Gilead-Verein. A chance to meet other hobbyists, game and have a good time in general. Lakeside clash is far more than two tabletop torunaments. It includes a painting competition, barbecue, lakeside events like football, beachvolleyball, swimming,…

    • 17th and 18th of September 2011
    • Location: Velden, Cap Wörth, Seecorso 37 – 39, A-9220 Velden, Kärnten, Österreich
    • Gamesystem: Warhammer 40.000 (5th edition)
    • Point limit: 1750
    • Registration fee: € 15,-
    • Maximum of participants: 40 players
    • Number of games: 5 (on two days)
    • Game duration: 2h 30min

    Time table
    • Saturday 17.09.2011
    o 09:30-10:00: Start of registration
    o 10:00-12:30: Game 1
    o 12:30-13:30: Lunch break
    o 13:30-16:00: Game 2.
    o 16:00-16:30: Afternoon break
    o 16:30-19:00: Game 3
    o 19:00- open end: Barbecue
    • Sunday 18.09.2011
    o 10:00-12:30: Game 4.Spiel
    o 12:30-13:30: Lunch break
    o 13:30-16:00: Game 2.
    o 17:00 Award ceremony

    Registration is only final after sending in a legal army roster and payment has arrived on our bank account. Basically registration is managed via the web portal If you have an account there you can sign up for the tournament by following this link:
    Alternatively you can send your name and army roster to the following email address
    Registration ends on 10.09.2011
    Last minute registration: If there are players present on the day of the tournament who have not registered in time we can decide to let them play in case of uneven number of participants.
    Participants under the age of 18 need to supply a letter of agreement of their parents or legal guardian!

    Army Rosters
    • Point limit: 1750
    • No AOP restriction (independent characters allowed)
    • No Forgeworld rules ( Forgeworld models are allowed where fitting)
    • The most current rule sets (codex) at the day of registration end is used
    • Army rosters have to be in machine writing including all point costs- we can work with a lot of formats like .doc, .xls, .pdf, .odt, .txt,… Armyrosters have to be written in German or English. As we expect several visitors from abroad the organizers will translate German lists in case of need.

    • Models must be based and painted (3 colors minimum)
    • Minis must represent all weapons and wargear they have rule wise. If you have conversions that are not meant for gaining a gaming advantage, there should be no problems. If you are unsure whether or not your model might cause resentments just send us an E-Mail ( with a photo of the mini so we can make a decision.

    • Game 1:
    o Mission: Capture and control
    o Deployment: Spearhead
    • Game 2:
    o Mission: Annihilation
    o Deployment: Dawn of War
    • Game 3:
    o Mission: Seize ground (3 Markers)
    o Deployment: Pitched battle
    • Game 4:
    o Mission: Annihilation
    o Deployment: Spearhead
    • Game 5:
    o Mission: Capture and control (5 Markers)
    o Deployment: Pitched battle

    General rules:
    To hold/contes a marker models have to be in 3" radius from the base of the marker(measured from the boarder). 25mm markers will be provided by Gilead and have to be used.

    Victory calculation
    Depending on the result of the victory conditions players receive points (P) as follows:
    • Victory: 30P
    • Draw: 20P
    • Loss: 10P
    Additionally the following points (P) are added according to the difference in victory points (VP):
    • 1450-1750: +10 if you score more VP / -10 if you score less VP
    • 1150-1449: +8 if you score more VP / -8 if you score less VP
    • 850-1149: +6 if you score more VP / -6 if you score less VP
    • 550-849: +4 if you score more VP / -4 if you score less VP
    • 250-549: +2 if you score more VP / -2 if you score less VP

    Painting score
    There will be a painting score that will be added to the tournament score. Judging will be realized by painting judges and their subjective opinion. A maximum of 30 points (P) can be achieved depending on criteria like: painting techniques, style, tidiness, creativity and conversions.
    Additionally there will be a price for best painted army. This has not to be the one with the highest painting score but will rather be chosen by the participants during the tournament.

    There will be prices for the top scorers of the tournament.
    • 1st Place
    • 2nd Place
    • 3rd Place
    • Kärntner Meister / carinthian champion
    • Best painted

    best regards

    Jan "Cannonfodder " Peters
    st1v xtr1m
    Jaje od Azdaje (Levo)
    Jaje od Azdaje (Levo)

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