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Post  Maxa on Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:02 pm

Evo novih oraka, i bo'me lepo izgledaju... (A knjiga je ukoricena i verovatno zato kosta 30e Laughing )
Jahac zmaja sa preponama
Jahac zmaja sa preponama

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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Post  =Charok= on Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:33 pm

pohvaljujem i koricenje knjige, nejveci problem sa dosadasnjim armybookovima je sto se raspadaju... Inace modeli su predivni.
(e da su tako i bistmene...)

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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Post  starkiller on Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:55 pm

to nemoras dvaput da kazes
Jaje od Azdaje (Levo)
Jaje od Azdaje (Levo)

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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Post  kgkid on Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:42 pm

cena trvrde knjige je mene plasila, ali posto su i broj strana povecali za skoro 50%, i ukoricili bolje, razlika od 5 funti po knjizi nije strasna...
Sofer bez kape
Sofer bez kape

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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Post  severian on Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:44 pm

E pa, ORX here I come!

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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Post  Maxa on Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:03 pm

General Rules

Animosity: Each Unit with the Animosity special rule with at least 5 moldels wit hthat rule rolls 1d6 at beginning of their players turn. 2+ nothing happens, and the unit may act normally.

You do not toll for animosity as long as you man a building.

On a roll of 1, roll a D6 again, and consult the following chart to see what happens.

1: The unit deals D6 S3 autohits to the nearest friendly unit with: at least 5 models that have the animosity rule, within 12 inches. The 'hit' unit afterwards deals D6 S3 hits to the quarreling unit. If there's no valid 'target', treat this result as a 2-5
Hordes caus 2D6 hits.
This never causes panic.
Both units may not perform any other action in this turn. The 'victim' does not have to roll for animosity this turn - they are to busy fighting back.

2-5: The unit has to declare an attack at the nearest valid enemy unit. If there is no target, the greenskins start to attack each other. Nothing happens, but the unit may not move, attack, shoot or cast spells for the following turn.

6. "Who's da best? Yes, dat's us. Let's get 'em!" The unit is aligned towards the nearest enemy unit and performs a regular move action towards that unit (it may not march, and stops 1 inch before enemy units. ). Afterwards, the unit may act normal. If there is no visible opponent the unit moves straight forward.
EG: A unit of Goblin Wolf Riders rolls a 1, followed by a 6, for animosity. You measure the distance to all enemy units, and find that a unit of Highelf Reavers, standing 20" away in their flank, is the nearest unit. The goblins are now turned on spot (as they would be if they were to persue an enemy) and are moved 9 inches towards the reavers afterwards. They may declare a charge, move, march or fire their weapons at will.

A model with a Choppa increases it's strength characteristics by 1 for each first round of close combat. This does not apply to mounts of any kind. It applys to magical weapons aswell.

Fear Elves:
Any Elven Unit causes fear for a unit with this special rule.

Size matters:
Orks never have to pass a panic test caused by a unit that is only composed from goblins or creatures ridden by goblins (that goes for the arachnarok spider aswell)

You may have one unit total per army.


Ork Warbosses (any kind)
Profile the same. Orc Warbosses have light armour, black orc warbosses heavy armour as standard loadout.

Waaagh! Special rule.
Once per game, a Orc Warboss who is the army general of any kind (Savage or Black or Vanilla) may declare a Waaagh, after he declared a valid charge. For the rest of the turn all units of Boar Boys (any kind) or Orcs (any kind) that have at least 5 models gain +1 on their combat resolution. The Generals unit gains +D3 instead. (Yes, that rule is lame.)

Surpress Animosity (Black Orc Characters) If a unit fails their animosity check, the Boss deals D6 S5 hits, that may not be allocated to the boss and never cause panic.

Shaman - no change.

I don't know if it was the case earlier, but great orc shaman may mound a wyvern now.


Arrar Boys Boss gains +1 BS instead of +1 A/WS

Boar Boys:
No changes in stats. Come with a hand weapon and light armour at moderate point costs. Big un upgrade and weapons upgrades are a little cheaper. Overall I personally still don't deem them worthy...

Orc Chariot
No changes. Keeps spears and the option on 3rd crew member.

Black Orcs
Points dropped (or point drop), gained ItP

Savage ORcs
Savage orcs gain the impact-spear. It'S a unit upgrade that can be taken once. The unit deals D3 S5 impact hits (which deal D3 wounds at large creatures) as long as it has at least 1 rank of 5 models behind the first.. You have to nominate 1 model that causes the hits at the beginning of close combat.

Savage Boar Boys
Savage Boar Boys gain +1 attack from fighting with 2 handweapons, but they suffer casulties for dangerous terrain on a roll of 1-2.

Goblin Bosses (any kind) - no changes. They may NOT declare a Waaagh.

Goblin Shaman
Night Goblin Shaman now have magic shrooms (don't know what they are called) as a default loadout. they have to take one at east attempt to cast a spell. They add D6 on their casting attempt.
This is not counted a power dice and therefor may not trigger irresistable force. If the goblin rolls a 1 for the shroom he loses a wound on a roll of 4+ and the cast is automatically considered a miscast (meaning it fails) as long as he doesn't roll irresistable force with the power dice.

Upgrade costs at the same price as skaven clanrats.
Nigh Goblins may get to pic either bows or spears for free instead.
Sneaky Gitz (those new chars) are treated as characters and may not leave the unit. They are hidden just as skaven/DE assassins, nut have to be revealed at 1st round of cc. they may be targetted individually.
Thay gain killing blow at first round of combat.
They have a S of 3, 2 A, WS 2.

Goblin Wolfriders
remain light cavallery with 4+ AS.

Goblin Chariots
the same, same options.

Rock Lobba - the same

Spear Chukka:
If you roll a 1 to hit you roll on the misfire chart of Stonethrowers from the rulebook.

Doom Divers
Fires like a Stonethrower, but still deals D6 S5 hits with no AS allowed.
You may hit several units with the doom diver theoratically, as you use his base (the winged guy on the skimemr base) to determine who's hit.

May move across obstacles and Buildings without penaltys, but not end their movement atop of them (or in them)
They can fight in buildings and keep all benefits from being mounted. Mount and rider count as 1 model.

Arachnarok Spider
Where to start?
ItP, causes Terror, Large Target, Stubborn, Fast Movement, Wallclimber (may move over buildings like Spider Riders), Poisoned attacks (spider only)

All attacs in CC are fought against the Spider. You cannot attack the goblin crew in any way. If it's mounted by a great shaman the shaman is hit by all ranged attacks on a roll of 5+

It has a Crew of 8 goblins armed with bows and spears.

Poisoned blow: befor rolling to hit with the spider you have to pick one of it'S attacks and roll that seperate. This attack deals multiple wounds (D6)

Netlobber is a Stone thrower with S 1(3), units hit suffer from always strikes last until the End of the spiders NEXT turn (3 rounds of cc totally). It may fire and move, but not march. Misfire means it just doesn't fire at all.

Shrine: +2 to channel for all friendly mages within 12", shaman on top gains Master of Lores

Fanatics: The same as before, only that they are counted as being in light cover.

Squigs: No characters may join squig herds.

Squig Rider
Cavallery, skirmishers. If you roll a triple 6 for movement, each squig causes impact hit (1)
Giant Cave Squig: A character mounted on a giant cave squig may join squig riders. Ig he does the unit may reroll their movement roll.

Squig fanatics:
S6, T4, W3.
They move 3D6 inches until they come in contact wit a unit. From there on they act like fanatics. Counting to be in light cover.

Work like fanatics, only that they deal 2D6 S6 armourpiercing attacks.

Trolls: Same as before
Stone Trolls: 5+ scaly save, MR (2)

River Trolls: as befor.

Snotlings: Special Coice.
Boom shroom: Boom shrooms are a thrown wapon that hits automatically and ignores armour saves.

snotling chariot
several upgrades, like dealing stronger impact hits, first impact hits ignore armour saves, more movement, etc.

Gorbad Ironclaw

His wapon grant him ASF, ignores Armour saves and causes multiple wounds (d3)
Works as General and BSB within 18 inches all the time
you may field as many biguns as you want with gorbad
as long as he lives all units within 18 inches from him get a bonus of his current wounds on their rolls on the animosity chart.

Lvl 3 Wizard using lore of death
all orcs within 18 inches of azhag have to reroll failed animosity checks

Lvl 4 wizard
Furry Squig: may store up to 1 power or dispel dice per (regarding who's turn it is) to be used in the next magic phase. (either as a power or dispel dice)
Has MR (3) and may reroll miscast rolls.
5+ wardsave through his warpaint
His mask contains the spell "Destructive Glare", see magic section later on.

Wurrzagh's Fury: Curse spell, 8+. all enemy casters within 12 " have to roll 1 d6. They are removed from play with no saves allowed on a roll of 6, including their mounts. For each killd wizard Wurrzhag gains 1 die in his furry squig, and the capacity for stored dice is increased by 1.

no change, but he may declare a Waaagh which affects all Goblin infantry or cavallery in adition to all orc units.

Skarsniks weapon contains a bound spell, level 5: Deals D3 S6 hits with no armour saves allowed. Increased to D6 hits if he'S within 12 " to a night goblin horde.

At the beginning of the game roll a D6 for each emeny unit. On a roll of 6 they are delayed and arrive in their owners 1st turn via reinforcements.

Nightgoblin Units that rallied after chosing 'flee' may move after regrouping, as if they were light cavallery.

Snagla Magotspitta
Spider Cavallery character. (he's a hero choice, not an upgrade.)
he has poisoned attacks and dals multiple wounds (D3) - he has a one time thrown weapon with the same rule.
He has to join a unit of spider cavallery. They get hatred (Imperium).

Gitilla the Hunta
Wolfrider Character
He and his unit of wolf riderz gain +1 BS and may reroll flee and persuit rolls.
HE has a Sultiple shots (3) Bow

Grimgore Ironhide
Looses 2 Attacks and drops in points. Same weapon, same armour.
He has a choppa (and therefor S8 in first round of combat...)
He may declare a Waaagh!
He has to join a unit of Black Orcs, and no other character may join that unit.
The unit gains hatred (everyone, every last of 'em) and increases it's weapon skill by 1 (yes, that's for free)

I'm sorry, I don't know casting values.

The small Waaagh!
Sneaky thievery: After a small waaagh spell is succesfully cast (and not dispelled), roll a D6. You gain 1 powerdice on a roll of 5+, while your oponnent loses a dispel dice. if he has no more dispel dice, this has no effect.

Base spell: Naughty Stabbing
targetted unit within 12 inches gains armour piercing attacks. In adition they may reroll hits and wounds when they attack an enemy in the flank or rear.

1st spell: Destructive Glare
magic missile, 24". Deals 2D6 S3 hits, or if boosted, 3D6 S3 hits.

2nd spell: Gift of the Spider God
targetted friendly unit gets poisoned attacks, or the effect of exsisting poison is increased to 5+.

3rd spell: Itching
Targetted enemy unit reduces it's Movement and Initiative characteristics by D6 (minimum of 1). Units with the random movement rule reduce the dice rolled to determine their movement by D3 (and still suffer D6 penalty on their I score)

4: Gork will fix it:
Targeted enemy unit has to reroll all To hit, to wound and armour saves of 6.

5: Nightshroud.
casters unit is treated as being in light cover. All enemy units getting in b2b ontact with the affected unit have to take a test for dangerous terrain. May be expanded to all friendly units within 12".

6: Bad Moon's Curse
RiP, Magic Whirl. 3" template, moved 4D6 in a straight line away from the caster in a direction of his chosing. All models touched by the template have to pass a test on the following characteristic, or louse one wound with no AS allowed (roll a D6 to determine the characteristic):
1-2: Initiative
3-4: toughness
5-6: strength.
May be boosted to 5" template and characteristic of the wizard's chosing.

Big Waagh!
As long as there are more Orc units in CC than there are fleeing Orc units the strength characteristic of all spells from the big Waaagh is increased by 1.

Base Spell: Mork (or Gork)'s gaze: Draw a 4D6" line away from the caster. Each model touched suffers a S4 hit. May be boosted to 6D6

1st spell: Brainbursta: Pick one enemy model within LoS and 18". Targetted model gains 1 S5 hit. May boost range.

2nd spell: Gorks Fists: Caster gains +3A, +3 S and 6+ ward save. RiP.

3rd spell: Gorks hand:
Pick one model from the frst rank of targetted friendly unit. Place it with alignement of your chosing within 3D6 inches of former location, and arrange the unit in same formation around it. May be boosted to 5D6.

4th spell: Headbutt
Targeted enemy caster within 4D6 inches suffers a S4 multiple wounds (D3) hit withou AS. Range may be boosted to 6D6.

5th spell: Let's get going:
Affacts all friendly orc units within "d& inches. They may reroll to hit rolls in Close combat.

6th spell: Gorks Feet.
Place the Gork's Feet template (yes, it's back.) within 36 inches of the shaman, and scatter it D6 inches. all touched models suffer a S6 hit that causes multiple wounds (D3)

afterwards, roll a D6.
1: Gork Slippes (or was shoved by Mork) and stomps upon one of your own units
2-3: Gork Wanders off (spell ends)
4+: stomp again (either a different unit, or the same one.)

Haven't been through the items yet, and my head is killing me. Enjoy =)

Gork's Feet template? Shocked
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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Post  severian on Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:34 pm


squig fanatics!!!!

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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Post  Maxa on Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:27 pm

neki od statova za pauka: tafnes 6, 8 vundova, 8 napada, snaga 5, 4+ armor, thunderstomp panic
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Jahac zmaja sa preponama

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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Post  Iskusinjo on Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:20 am

Једна породична фотка.
Guster bez repa
Guster bez repa

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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Post  Maxa on Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:25 pm

Inace, novi Tomb Kingovi su upravo najavljeni za maj farao
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Jahac zmaja sa preponama

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Re: Waaaaagghhhhhh!!!

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